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Starbucks, Twitter and Social Media = Free Coffee

This is an interesting story about a little pay-it-forward action for us coffee addicts.


Government Involved = Failure?

Can anything the government is directly involved in related to business and commerce succeed?

Randy “Macho Old Man” Savage

This is an article that was published back in June after Randy Savage was killed in a car wreck. The photo is what struck me. Even as an old man he just looked like someone you didn’t want to mess with. Look at that cold stare and those giant hands!

Brogan’s 50 Thoughts on Google+

As with numerous other people I’ve been playing around with Google+ for a few weeks now. Chris Brogan has put together a list of 50 thoughts about his interactions with Google+ and what he thinks some of the positives and negatives are for the new service. Very interesting list.

Dropbox Owns My Content?

Just read this post, wondering if it’s completely accurate, an unintended consequence or a big mistake. Better find out soon!

Panera Cares Taking Care of Their Communities

This is a great story about the CEO of Panera and what he’s been doing to make an impact in the communities around their stores.

Terrorists in the Bluegrass State

Bowling Green, KY is one of the places I call “Home”. Just found out about the FBI arresting two Iraqis with terrorism ties and possessions in Bowling Green.